Heirborn is more than a yearly retreat for pastor’s kids (PKs), it’s a community - a band of peers - locking arms to support, encourage and empower each other to discover and fulfill God’s unique ministry call on their lives.  It’s an atmosphere where the older pour into the younger and generations are linked and sync’d for Kingdom purpose.  Each year, students from all over the country - different ages, stages, and contexts - come together and find common ground sharing their joys and struggles in an environment of love, faith, fun, and anointing.

2018 Recap

2017 Recap



What is Heirborn?

The most amazing and fun event of your summer!  An event designed just for Pastor's kids ages 13 - 21.

  • Young Adults (17-21 years old)

  • Youth (13-16 years old)


Who will I meet at Heirborn?  

You will meet and develop relationships with others "PK's" from around the nation that will last a lifetime!  


Leadership team: 

  • Chris Alessi; Young Adult Pastor | Metro Life Church

  • Spencer Jones

  • Mallorie Ballard

  • Stephanie Alessi

  • Michael Martinez; Student Pastor | Metro Life Church

  • Kayli deMelo


Where are we staying?  

Residence Inn Miami Doral
3450 NW 91st Avenue; Doral, Florida 33172 USA

The hotel is located 7 minutes from our host campus Metro Life Church;10045 NW 19th Street; Miami, Florida 33172 (Website)

The Alessi's  | Pastor Steve & Mary; Christopher; Stephanie; Lauren; and Gabby!

The Alessi's | Pastor Steve & Mary; Christopher; Stephanie; Lauren; and Gabby!


What is the best way to get to Miami? 

We recommend flying into Miami International Airport.

  • Arrive, Sunday, July 7 (All Student)

  • Depart, Thursday, July 11 (Youth;13-16 years old)

  • Depart, Saturday, July 13 (Young Adults; 17-21 years old)

Email your travel itinerary to info@churchesincovenant.org


What do we pack?  

Pack light and casual in one small suitcase.  Please plan your wardrobe for warm days/night in sunny miami and swimming. We do plan to visit the miami beach so sunscreen is a must!

(Download Checklist)


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