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Churches in Covenant International began with a desire to help pastors connect relationally with like-minded peers; learn and develop personally and ministerially; while multiplying the impact of their local church ministry to touch the world.  From more than 40 years of thriving ministry experience, Dr. Mike and Kathy Hayes' vision to impart wisdom and practical strategy grew to a network of leaders around the country who have linked arm-in-arm with a common vision to extend the Kingdom of God in every city and sector of society.  CIC is NOT a denomination, or a 'ministry fellowship,' but is a relationship-centered network of churches and ministries united to strengthen pastors, build the Church, and extend the Kingdom.


Dr. Mike & Kathy Hayes

Founder & President
Churches in Covenant International

Dr. Mike Hayes is a reconciler.  His life and ministry is characterized by connecting people in life-giving relationship with God and each other.  He is a uniter – catalyzing racial reconciliation and healing for more than 40 years.  As the Founding Pastor of Covenant Church, he pioneered a ministry that exemplifies covenant relationships.  Flourishing in diversity, with more than 100 nations represented, Covenant Church has become a leading voice for unity and a model for transcultural, multigenerational, and multiethnic ministry.

Dr. Mike Hayes currently serves as President of Churches In Covenant, a global network of churches and ministries united to bless the nations.  In January of 2017, Dr. Hayes launched a new initiative focused on bringing hope and restoration to our nation.  The Center for National Renewal, in Washington D.C., is a Christian, interdenominational, non-partisan organization who seeks to catalyze ideas and influencers for the work of national renewal.  As a hub of intercession, education, and reconciliation, the Center for National Renewal serves to collaborate with local and national leaders to heal the deep divide in our land.  

Dr. Mike Hayes along with his wife, Kathy, has embarked on a new journey.  Leveraging decades of ministry and a wealth of influence, to see an unprecedented time of refreshing and renewal sweep across our nation and the world. 

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